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..:: !dAs' 12th Birthday Art Featurama! ::..

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 7:16 AM
Deviant 3d by demoniac-life !!Congratulations on reaching 12 today!!:party:Happy B-Day deviantART ! by SevenloleHere, have some pretty rainbow cake! :aww:Rainbow cake by So-Silly-Rabbit
Fella Birthday Balloons by Mirz123Fella Birthday Balloons by Mirz123Fella Birthday Balloons by Mirz123

I Heart You by FaMzThank you deviantART by LimKisyou are beautiful. by this-is-the-life2905dA Birthday sign by Mirz123

And here for everyone is a featurama of mixed lovlies, old and new, from a few dA artists work that really made me smile today while browsing!
Hope you all enjoy the view and if you do, be sure to stop on by that artists page and show some dA love :iconflowerdanceplz:

Max Twain for Sekai by MaxTwain:thumb319538853:Mad Dog by KOLEPSYHeart by SoulFragmentsheat by ChrisOneillSlot Canyon by lilfixitGraffiti by lucianfraser+ Premium Membership + by Koyo-Adorkabowlespeciial by tefiipriincezZ:thumb319170265:Solitude by IronWoodisJohn Marston by FonteArtMARRIED by M-SPark:thumb319502701:Loonie Glass - 148 by Margot1942Pinup 3 by Purity-Diamond..... by Kor-Ali wonder by twilight303028

Mature Content

Immor(t)al by SirWendigo
Squalo [2] by EricCraneSummer of Satan by koffinkandyDeer in headlights by openreflectionsGrapevine by EmmigerRelinquished WIP by MightyDargorChapped by catjones2 i think i might need you.stop.
i need you to put down the pencil and listen to me for a second. i need you to pause your breath and tune to my frequency. because i’m throwing my heart on the airwaves and i need you to be alive to hear it. i need you to follow my words even when they’re stumbling, tripping, falling on their face.
this is just going to take a second. i promise.
i think you should know that when i woke up today i was tangled in morning breath and your whispers. i think you should know that i’m dreaming with swollen lips and bleeding cheeks because i keep biting down to stop myself from saying what’s on my mind. i think you should know my mouth is betraying me and when i brush it off, what i mean is, please, for the love of everything, know that i am terrified.
and, i think you should know, despite the fact that i am trembling with needs, i don’t want it. i don’t want to count down the seconds and drag out my day. i don’t want to have to constantly dislodge my he
Instinct by ExiledenOpen my Heart to You by DestinyBlueMotorock Chopper_09 by Motorockgaragejumpin' by WICmeCAN Your Name's My Best ObscenityThe sweetest curses are sugar on lips
If I died this evening, you'd find your name
aflame- the words I last shouted in vain
lingering on my tongue like a toxic kiss-
revenge is addicting, venomous pain,
even spent on cries I know are mundane
No fixing up this unholiest tryst,
forged by two fools who believed in their lies;
or maybe it was I, eager for light
even in spite of the flaws I had seen
Can light be fake? Were your twinkling eyes
a mere disguise to make me ignite?
Aflame, in vain, impure light fuels my screams
If I Knew by marline199:thumb313819465:

Mature Content

Anuit 1 by woollymammothmusic
Rough Night by i8noodles2dayEiffel Tower by IshSavannahMy little Pony Custom HarleyII by BerryMouseAgent88 Art by RalphiousbiPolar by marziipornProjet Hybride - Chapitre #1 by Mr-PitayaDon't Tell A Soul by artofinvi:thumb319535380:Tear by SomethiingScaryBeauty by InkzFXPredator by SatanaelArt:blankhump: by cschrenskyToad, pastel by popCharAsh-Vault by PorcelainPoetPersonal Influences by lys2313Heh by Denba-kun*** by Vitalymarkov1965alcohol by stevenfields

Mature Content

Tickle Pixies Capture Karen. by tyklfynd
SuperSi by duridyaIllustration Final by InfinityStarHORIZIA (Binder of the sea and sky) by sentientmasterPunk Love by drmartenRun by SchattencyraPenguin Mike by Noora7atSurgery! by Morbidly-Beautiful:thumb319538745::thumb299931691:to write you a song by amongstotherthings:thumb319538798::thumb319533116:Who you are. by Savictorlove by snapsbysam:thumb319570445:Danell Leyva Olympic Gymnast by kenernest63aBreaking Through by Erin-Leigh:thumb319537037::thumb319538398: This is a SongThis is a song for the lost, the broken and the damned,
This is a song for the hopeless, the outgunned and the outmanned.
This is one for the sinners, and the non-believers too,
This is a song for all those people, people just like YOU!
This is the anthem of the normal, the oppressed and the abused,
This is a song for those people hidden from everybody's views.
This is the prayer of the unwanted, the unneeded and the small,
This is one for the unheeded, so let's give it our all!
This is a song for the people, who always just want to cry,
This is the anthem for those who have once wanted to die!
This is a song for all the people, that are dead inside,
This is a song for everyone, who has ever cried.
-by Forgotten-Reaper, 24th July 2012
:thumb319531034:Leaf by pharoh28:thumb83373798:Do You Like Waffles ? by robinkissingstarfiregreen by OllkinMajline by yanski19pup by ButterflyLee You Are BeautifulAm I fat? Am I ugly? Am I stupid? Am I hated? Am I a failure? Am I loser? Questions. Questions we ask ourselves, questions others make us think about. The kind you ask yourself as you stare in your bathroom mirror, wondering if what they say is true; wondering if what you're thinking about yourself right now is the truth. You'll try and push your stomach in, you'll try and hide your spots, hide the wrinkles that you think you see. You will do all this and pretend; pretend to be different, pretend that this person you're imagining is who you should be; is a person better than who you are right now.
Before you know it, you're looking at those around you, wishing you were them. As you walk the halls of your school, as you walk down the nearby street. You'll convince yourself that they have everything and that you have nothing; you want their smile, their body, their hair, their face, because to you, they are better, they are something you could never be, they're beautiful and you're nothi
Heroes Reborn: The Return (alternate cover) by DaveDeVriesMoon Friends IV by FrodoKOut for Action by LaticisApproach of autumn.3 by KaiLEECHCyberpunk by dasMouseIn the shadow by Justysiakto catch the light by gmotier:thumb319540056:speedy gonzales by stressriotSuicide Blonde by ChewedKandiChanged Destiny by skcolbPaint It by cappuchinnoponyI love you by geckokidMarceline - I'm Hurting you Because I love you by KevinWertyGhost Dragon by ChuckWalton:thumb319524439:In the Night by What-could-beGarden of light by natercialameiroThe Bridge by Dancing-EarthDying Nature by EdelPhoto I love you.I wondered if you could hear my heart in your sleep,
Recognize the smell of my skin in your dreams,
Touch my lips when you wake up,
And whisper in my ears while I sleep.
I pondered all that as you fell asleep to my heartbeat,
Breathing softly on my chest with one of your hands still feeling me.
And when I wake up it was your lips,
Or maybe it's all just a dream.
But when I declared "I love you",
I could feel your lips at my ear,
Whispering the sweet melody,
Of everything I ever wanted to hear.
Write Your Poem by Sirombothank you pie by Apofiss:thumb319569830:

Mature Content

Punk Dancer 8 by Dohje

Chase me plz by Droneguard

The first DD ever - Thredz by dangeruss

The last DD to date - On Milford Sound, Fiordland N.Z. by nprovis

Love to all :blowkiss: :iconsmallheartplz:   :|:horns:   :penguin:

FURIOUS LA. by blunaowl FURIOUS LA. by blunaowl FURIOUS LA. by blunaowl

Link to my previous journal with a Browse Art Showcase! ... ..:: Browse Art Showcase and Silverfish Salad ::A pal found a Silverfish in their salad today :puke: ...  I asked how it tasted, they replied with '?!?' ... That, I think, is a perfectly valid response :nod:
Not tried them myself so can only assume the worst.
Many shades of wrong folks :|:horns:
Art news -
I was just browsing through the latest submissions and thought it would be good to showcase some that caught my eye and captured my imagination :D
Hope you enjoy the candy! :boogie:
GOLDEN by teilie:thumb318839241:The summer breeze by loLO-oIn the Shadow of the Trees by i-dance-in-shadowsAlong Route 14 by Stilll-Life-GalleryBAGG by audreyboo222Suzuki by mrfolkblueshand n paw by winstonscreatorNatural by ori97Spawn Vs Chapel Still by ShabaazKhan:thumb318838949:The Uprising Tower by morgansbossLittle artist 3 by levonardo1Finding My Way Home by StevenPaycoArt:thumb318840316:Cutie mark Crusaders by ShadowDashie
:w00t: Huzzahhhhh and good day to you :#1:
Love to all :blowkiss: :glomp: :hump: :lick: [Heart] [Cheese]

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You rock!
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